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Mr. President / 2017

I have always seen myself as a witness. In my paintings always you see, a watching eye. I try not to take sides and let everyone do their own thing. Your lessons are yours and my lessons are mine. But watching what is happening around me now, makes it very hard to sit back and say nothing. Atlas write them down.

Mr. President / 2017

My heart aches to watch the division

you have envisioned

The white man against the brown

the blue eyed against the black

The ones that look different than you

It has always been there

for years I have known prejudice exists

I came here in 1979 when only 13

they threw stones at me

the kids of my school

They blamed me for taking their hostages

but they never understood

that the men that took their men

took my country too

Carter threw the Shah away

he was your man

also blue eyed

He wanted our gold

our black gold

and that was his justification

The only people I trusted and helped my kind

were the black people

the ones that I used to watch on tv

when I was 11

as bad people and mean

But I learned so fast

that they were my friends

they knew how it felt

they knew how it felt

to be brown

to be prejudiced against

To judge me and my intention

by looking at my hair color or hearing my accent

Yes it’s me

the immigrant

the Jew

the Moslem

the one that is not like you

Be scared of me

I cover my hair

not because I have to

because I want to

because I need to

if you too were spiritual

you would understand

but you are a 5-year-old spirit

one that needs to learn much

go through the pain

and then maybe

after many returns

you too will sit and watch hate

take over all people and separate

You too will wonder

if your kids and grandkids will be safe

in a country so full of hate

with greed and dishonesty

lurking over their head

You sit there on the bench

ordering men to be deported and separated

you order and you don’t know

how your soul will pay for your mistakes

My son asks me if I want you dead;

I am of love and should not say

but I must be truthful

I want you dead

not because of me but you see

I wish Hitler had died too

He was the one that brought pain to many

the guilt and the shame to a country

its people will forever be

the fascist kind and scary

Now the Americans are the ones

the world should be scared of

the lesson I learned when I was 13

Today at age 50

I see the same thing

I confirm

Americans are prejudice.

P/S. To be safe, you got to be in the eye of the hurricane.

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